UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson attends an event at Parliament in Montevideo, Uruguay on Sept 17th

I would never forget my father coming up to me after me probably doing some rendition of some whatever song, just saying to me, “You are a great dancer but you’re not a singer. So you know, just stick with that.” Now I think about that everyday I’m on the Glee tour. My legs are like noodles. I don’t know where I’m going. All I do is move my arms and I figured that’s the best I could do. So stick with the dancing, not the singing.

Dianna Agron attends the Narciso Rodriguez Bottletop Collection x Pepsi U.S. Launch in NYC on May 8, 2014


genuinely sorry for the people who tried to talk to me and were disappointed by how uncool i am

glee rewatch → 1x07

kurt + the struggle